About us

At RPBD we do what we do best – We connect with people. But, we use this skill especially for you.
We want to create business opportunities for you by building strong and long term collaborations with the partners that suit your needs based on trust and suitability.
We will be there with you along the way as long as needed and follow up until you reach your goals with our assistance.

Ruthie Piwko

Ruthie Piwko - Founder
and Managing Director

Ruthie has extensive experience in PR and marketing. She specializes in generating new business opportunities and decided to put her skills into a unified concept of business development and manifesting the vision of her clients.
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Efrat Piwko

Efrat Piwko - Co-Founder
and Director of Marketing

With a master's degree in media as well as extensive experience in marketing and business development, Efrat generates contacts with private investors and companies worldwide.
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Our mission

Our aim is to engage and inspire businesses to achieve growth and success thanks to new collaborations.
Being a skilled business developer by creating opportunities for companies in any given industry, requires a deep and true comprehensive understanding of all potential parties, as well as the ability to equally represent both parties and bring them into a connection without bias.

Our Services & Strategy

We operate to maximize your potential with the multiple possible clients in your field. In order to find the perfect match out of the different candidates and opportunities in our perspective, we use four general golden rule guidelines:

  • Analysis of the local market of your field of expertise
  • Building a tailored portfolio suitable for your specific business
  • Scanning the market
  • Progressing with the Business Matchmaking process

The process of RPBD: recognition of potential, specific market analysis, vision, strategc connection and relationshop development, business transformation, growth

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RPBD- Piwko & Partner
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8038 Zürich, CH
Tel: +41 79 637 66 39
Fax: +41 44 732 66 10